About Us

Amahoro Energy is an innovative hydropower company that uses local labor to build and maintain run-of-the-river hydroelectric power generation plants in the Mukungwa river valley of the Republic of Rwanda. The first project, Musarara I, is a 450 KW hydropower plant on the Gaseke River, a tributary of the Mukungwa. The construction phase of this project has been completed and the hydropower plant has been fully operational since February 2013 and has since been selling power to the national grid.  Amahoro Energy is currently operating near capacity and will be looking to other sites in the area to increase total generation capacity. 

Our Mission

Amahoro Energy's mission is to contribute to the independence and electrification of Rwanda and its people. Currently Rwanda has low generation capacity (186 MW), is dependent on imported energy sources, and 75% of its population lives without access to electricity. Amahoro Energy plans to contribute to Rwanda's projected energy goals of 563 MW of generation capacity and access to electricity for 70% of the population by 2017/18.

Environmental Impact

Run-of-river hydropower is one of the most environmentally friendly forms of energy production. Coal/gas/nuclear/etc... burn fuels to produce electricity, polluting the atmosphere and leaving behind dangerous by-products. Even traditional hydropower requires a large dam and floods large areas of land. Run-of-river hydropower burns no fuel and floods no valleys, it directs water straight from a river into a canal or pipe, and then uses that water to spin a turbine to produce electricity, then returning water to the river. Environmental impact is lessened by leaving 10% of the river flowing to reduce harm to local species. Much of the land used by Amahoro Energy for hydropower was previously used for farming, which displaces local species and can lead to pollution of local water by fertilizers. Amahoro Energy also plans to turn much of the land purchased for its hydropower projects into parks for the enrichment and enjoyment of the local population.

Unused land will be turned into parks like this one, or utilized for local agricultural projects

Social Impact

Electricity is a life changing resource, so Amahoro Energy is in the business of changing lives. Amahoro Energy aims to provide power to a country bursting at the seams and thirsty for electricity. Amahoro Energy not only provides citizens with energy, but also with jobs, at it permanently employs around 30 Rwandese, and temporarily employs hundreds during the construction phases of its projects.

Amahoro Energy provides stable jobs for local people, close to their homes

Amahoro Energy Facts

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